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Repeat Summary of Zea mays subsp. mays mitochondrion

Repeats Extracted by IMEx

Genome Composition:

Genome IDNC_007982
OrganismZea mays subsp. mays mitochondrion
Seq. Length569630 bp
A %27.97 %
T %28.09 %
G %21.88 %
C %22.05 %

Summary of Perfect Repeats:

Mono2Get Repeats
Di6Get Repeats
Tri26Get Repeats
Tetra60Get Repeats
Penta79Get Repeats
Hexa32Get Repeats
TOTAL205Get Repeats

Summary of Imperfect Repeats:

Mono9Get Repeats
Di81Get Repeats
Tri241Get Repeats
Tetra323Get Repeats
Penta132Get Repeats
Hexa72Get Repeats
TOTAL858Get Repeats