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Repeat Summary of Helix aspersa from Chile mitochondrion

Repeats Extracted by IMEx

Genome Composition:

Genome IDNC_021747
OrganismHelix aspersa from Chile mitochondrion
Seq. Length14050 bp
A %30.72 %
T %39.15 %
G %16.52 %
C %13.61 %

Summary of Perfect Repeats:

Mono0Get Repeats
Di0Get Repeats
Tri0Get Repeats
Tetra1Get Repeats
Penta0Get Repeats
Hexa0Get Repeats
TOTAL1Get Repeats

Summary of Imperfect Repeats:

Mono0Get Repeats
Di5Get Repeats
Tri17Get Repeats
Tetra11Get Repeats
Penta1Get Repeats
Hexa0Get Repeats
TOTAL34Get Repeats